Social Media Marketing Campaign


Valley Nursing & Rehabilitation Center is an 183-bed skilled nursing and rehabilitation facility. They specialize in ventilator management, rehabilitation, wound care, and long-term skilled nursing services. Valley has been in business for over 20 years. Recently, they found it difficult to compete with the changing landscape of marketing a skilled nursing facility. Valley Nursing and Rehabilitation sought to expand its brand awareness and reputation on social media, primarily Facebook.  

Valley Nursing & Rehabilitation Center

Social Media Assessment

It was determined that Valley’s social media presence needed improvement. They were posting once a month and the content was not branded or engaging. No one was commenting or sharing the posts; their yearly average engagement was 276 people. Valley’s Facebook page had 347 likes.     



Goal: To improve Valley Nursing and Rehabilitation Center’s brand awareness and reputation.

Objective: To achieve 500 total page likes and a 35% increase in engagement in one year using only organic methods.

Execution: Increase the posts from once a week to 2-3x a week and diversified the post types to include:

  • Posting native videos once a week
  • Single pictures and multiple pictures to tell story
  • More staff shout-outs
  • Inspirational quotes with resident pictures
  • More interaction posts
  • More holiday posts
  • Sharing relevant posts

Celebrate the involvement of community, staff, and residents.

Content Example

Analysis & Results

Conducted careful measurement and testing on reach, engagement and page likes throughout the year. Tested the copy and images to produce a branded voice that would engage new, existing and potential customers and staff and achieve maximum effect.  

At the conclusion of the campaign Valley’s had 510 Facebook Page Likes a 48% increase and a 66% increase in average engagement.

Since the initial campaign, Valley continues to improve its brand awareness and reputation. Each year their reach, page likes and engagement has increased. To date, their monthly reach has increased by 243% and their engagement by 350%.