SEO Campaign


Good Night Sleep Site North Carolina is an online business consulting firm and a subsidiary of the Good Night Sleep Site. They specialize in helping individuals overcome sleep challenges and develop great sleep habits. They provide tips and customized plans to help the entire family sleep better. As a new business, Good Night Sleep Site North Carolina needed to develop its online presence, improve SEO, drive traffic to their website, and generate new leads.   

SEO Campaign Assessment

It was determined that Good Night Sleep Site North Carolina could improve their brand awareness, reputation, and overall online presence using an Inbound Marketing campaign. They had a low SEO ranking, minimal traffic from all channels, and inconsistent with blogging, emails and social media posting.     


Objective: To was to improve Good Night Sleep Site North Carolina’s brand awareness, reputation and online presence. 

Goal: To rank on the first page. To increase website visitors by 35% in six months using only organic methods.   


  • Defined a buyer persona and targeted audience
  • Increase online articles to once a week, producing articles at all stages of the funnel.
  • Write more in-depth content that is gated.
  • Increase emails to at least once a week
  • Use long tail keywords
  • Guest blogging opportunities
  • Post consistently on all social media accounts

Analysis & Results

Using various analytic tools, measured and tested website traffic for all channels, social, direct, referral and organic. Tested the content, headlines, and images to produce a branded voice that would engage new, existing and potential customers.

At the conclusion of the online marketing campaign, Good Night Sleep Site North Carolina ranked on page one. They increased their sessions by 318%. Each channel also increased.

  • Social- 620%
  • Direct- 187%
  • Organic- 376%
  • Referral- 213%

Since the initial campaign, Good Night Sleep Site North Carolina continues to improve its SEO and marketing efforts.