10 Nursing Home Post Ideas that Improve Reputation

Our nursing home had a bad reputation. Poor management contributed to the reputation, so a new administrator was hired. The administrator changed the entire outlook at the nursing home. Many of the problems were corrected and new policies instituted.

Everyone now provides not only quality care but also a quality of life for the residents. Fun, unique activities, fill the days, from painting to cooking, music to spa days. The employee’s caring attitude spreads through the halls. Unfortunately, no one knew of the wonderful lives residents were living at the nursing home.

The nursing home had an underutilized Facebook page. Posts every few months would appear. We had few followers with low reach and engagement, but many of our current employees, family members, and residents use Facebook. Changing our reputation was important and Facebook provided a simple solution. Facebook still provides great potential for marketing a nursing home.

A word of caution- you must have written permission before taking any photos or videos of residents. Upon admission to our facility, every family member has an option to allow or decline photos.  

These 10 post ideas helped transform our reputation and they can help you, too.

Activity Love

Post images and videos of your residents participating in activities. Showcase your residents as they paint, do crafts, clap along to music or play games. Capture their smiles. Family members, friends, and strangers see the wonderful lives the residents live and how much fun they have participating.   

Residents participating in an activity at a nursing home

Family Love

When family members come to visit their loved ones ask to take their picture. Families cherish these pictures.

Every year we have a Mother’s Day Tea. Family members come to drink tea, eat refreshments and reminisce with their loved ones. This is a great opportunity to take photos of residents with family. The residents are happily surrounded by the people they love the most.

Staff Love

Highlight the amazing work your staff does. If you have an employee of the month post it on Facebook. Include a picture and a wonderful write-up about them.

Our nursing home started a campaign entitled Stand-Out, Shout Out which features two to three employees a month who provide outstanding care. We take their picture with a resident and include testimonial about that employee from the resident.

Respiratory Therapist at a nursing home

This is a great snapshot of the people who care for the residents. These photos always have high engagement.

Department Love

Show love and appreciation to entire departments for all the work they do. Each department is crucial to the success of a facility, but often many get neglected.

Departments have a week each year dedicated to them. Use this opportunity to honor them for all their work. For instance, National Nurses Assistants Week is in June and National Environmental Services and Housekeeping Week is in September. Keep a list of the national department weeks and recognize their work publically with a post on Facebook.

Community Love

If your community gets involved with your residents or the residents are also involved with the community, then post updates. People love seeing the interaction between residents and the community. It also helps build the reputation of the facility as community members see the wonderful lives of the resident and share it with others.

During the summer, our nursing home provides themed activities that both the residents and community enjoy. The program is called “Grannies & Guppies” and once a week children from the community come to our facility and do crafts, sing songs, and play games with the residents.

Child talking to older man at a nursing home

It is a wonderful time for two generations to interact in a meaningful way. Capture these moments and post them for everyone to see.

Volunteer Love

Volunteers are a tremendous part of the lives of residents. They give generously of their time and talents. While they do not seek recognition for their service, it does not mean we should forget them.   

A post of a volunteer with a resident is a small way to show the volunteer you appreciate their selfless giving. When the community sees these volunteers they too may want to volunteer. The community sees the good done at the nursing home, the enjoyment and a positive reputation grows.


Do not forget to share with everyone any awards or recognition the nursing center receives. Yes, it helps build your reputation, but it also an opportunity for staff and family members to join in praising the facility.

Family members and the community are reassured when they see the nursing home receive honors.

Special Events

A lot happens each day at a nursing home, but every once in awhile a special event takes place. That is a wonderful chance to promote it, so people come, and then showcase the interactions.

The Mother’s Day Tea is a special event, but we also have dinners with speakers and every couple months the nursing home’s doctor gives a townhall meeting, for family members to come and ask questions.   

Mother and son at a nursing home


People love inspirational quotes. Pair these quotes with pictures of your residents and you have a quick post to put on social media. Use quotes from famous individuals or staff at your nursing center. To build your nursing home’s reputation, consider posting testimonials from family members.  

Woman at nursing home smiling

Once I choose a quote, I use a close-up photo of an individual resident that I think best represents the quote.


Tell a great story that focuses on your residents. People live such interesting lives and residents are just waiting to tell their story, someone just needs to ask.

We post success stories about our residents; they get great engagement and help build our reputation. After successful rehabilitation off a ventilator unit, the resident goes home. This is an opportunity for us to tell a wonderful story about a person who faced a hardship, placed on a ventilator and overcame it to go home. The post always includes kind words from the individual about the facility and the thing they look forward to most about going home.   

Man at nursing home

Since we started using Facebook as a marketing tool we have received numerous positive comments and reviews on our nursing home. As a result, more people follow our page, reach and engagement tripled.

Soon after we began using Facebook as a marketing tool, the American Healthcare Association contacted us. They featured us in an article on their website and during that month it was their most viewed post.  

Social media has made a big impact on our reputation. More important, people are seeing happy residents at a great nursing home.


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