Therapist to Digital Marketing: Unexpected Journey at a Nursing Home

I was happy in my job as a music therapist at a local nursing home. Every day I came to work and played music for individuals who suffered from memory loss or were incredibly lonely, anxious or depressed. Using music, I helped them connect with their past, remember the good times and overcome sadness. I was happy, until the day I learned I could have a greater impact. From that day on, my happiness transformed into complete excitement.

A Passion for People

Providing quality of life for the residents has always been important to everyone working at the nursing home. Residents enjoy fun, unique activities, from painting to cooking, music to spa days.

Person Painting

The employee’s passion fills the halls as they spread care and attention. I was thrilled to be a part of it.

But No One Knew

Unfortunately, because of poor prior management, the community did not know the wonderful lives residents were living here. The local community only remembered the bad that happened. They still assumed the worst.

That all changed the day I took over the nursing home’s Facebook page.

The nursing home had an underutilized Facebook page. Posts every few months would appear. We had few followers with low reach and engagement. Although I was a music therapist, I knew the potential for marketing on social media. I was certain I could harness the power of social media to grow the nursing home’s brand and to improve our reputation.  

The Post That Changed My Career

I read everything I could to learn about social media marketing and began applying it. Posts spotlighted the amazing activities our residents were participating in along with pictures of them having fun. In a post series called Stand-Out, Shout Out, an outstanding employee was highlighted which included glowing quotes from the residents.

Person with Marker

As a result, more people followed our page, reach and engagement tripled. More important, people were seeing happy residents at a great nursing home. Strangers posted comments about the joy they were seeing. Residents and family members posted positive reviews.

One picture I took changed my happiness in music therapy to excitement in marketing. The American Healthcare Association. contacted me after posting a picture. They wanted to feature our nursing home in a blog about outstanding facilities. When I inquired how they found out about us, they said it was through our Facebook page. That was the moment I knew my career would change.  

Don’t Stop Believing

I continued to improve and learned that marketing is not just on social media but throughout the digital landscape. Since then, I have taken steps to grow as a digital marketer, pursuing courses, like Udacity’s Nanodegree, subscribing to blogs and reaching out to fellow digital marketers.

Digital Marketing allows me to connect people with what they love!     


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John, a Digital Marketing Manager, has a passion for Inbound Marketing, educating others, and telling great stories. Just ask about the time he had to break out of a hotel. As a hobby, he enjoys writing about fatherhood and spending time building Legos and hosting tea parties.